Meet the #bodyposiyogi podcasters!



Elisa Jordan is a certified Eating Psychology Coach, yoga instructor (E-RYT 200), coaches yoga teacher trainings, and founder of BODYPOSIYOGI

Elisa infuses her teaching and coaching practice with lightness and empathy from experience as an opera singer, and in her personal journey with body dysmorphia and orthorexia. To learn more about coaching with Elisa, click here.

Originally from San Diego, she now lives in Seattle with her puppy Darcy.


Jill Fagan is a certified smart ass. Just kidding. They don't give certifications for that. Jill is a fairly new 200 hour certified yoga teacher, rabid feminist, and a life long lover of good food and cute clothes.

Mostly, Jill is really passionate about body positivity. Growing up a super happy, loved, active, energetic fat kid has given Jill the desire to ensure people of all body types learn to love themselves as they are, where they are.  



Why #bodyposiyogi ??



No matter your strength, pant size, body fat percentage, flexibility, age, sexual orientation, or age: you can do yoga.

Sometimes though, yoga teachers forget that every body is different. Thus it is important to share how to practice yoga asanas in our unique body.

Both Jill and Elisa have experienced yoga with "non-traditional" yoga bodies and they both have had incredible experiences as teachers and practitioners of yoga. They want to spread the message that yoga is for every body and every person.